S&D Equipment Advantage

Fertilizer Floaters

  • 80 Foot Fertilizer Floaters for the most efficient service around, less passes, less compaction
  • Flow Meter, measures accurate fertilizer rates
  • Foam Markers, provide even coverage
  • Fence Row Nozzle, assures clean edges around field borders
  • Acre Meters
  • Daily Maintenance Checks and Cleanings minimize costly downtime
  • Qualified Experienced Drivers
  • Auto Steer

Post Equipment

  • Post Sprayers all equipped with 90ft booms
  • Narrow Tires
  • Acre Meters
  • Flow Meters
  • Auto Steer
  • Qualified Experienced Drivers

Rental Equipment

  • Starter Wagons, 1000 gal tanks
  • 28-0-0-2 Applicators, 11 row, ground drive pumps with coulters