S&D Application LLC was started in the fall of 1981, however, S&D Application considers the year of 1982 as it’s first year of establishment. S&D Application LLC, is independently owned & operated their first couple years out of the house of it’s owner, Doug Miller. With one machine, couple trucks, 2 way radios and the reliability of others to help the with storage of fertilizers. Couple years past and they moved the operation up the road to the office facility in Wayne, Ohio. Which is still the main office for S&D Application LLC today. Moving the operation obviously gave the company more opportunity to grow and better service it’s customers. S&D Application proudly services Wood county, into Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky & Seneca counties.

S&D Application LLC, operating mostly in Wood County, later opened their second location in 1991 in Milton Center, Ohio just about 20 miles west of the it’s main location in Wayne. Opening Milton Center, made it possible for S&D Application to services the western part of Wood County better, and also expand into the Henry & Hancock Counties.

With the driving need to have a railroad access, S&D Application LLC purchased their Risingsun Location in 1992. Risingsun is just a terminal for S&D Application, this location is where S&D has all their major storage for fertilizers, including multiple million gallon tanks. With the railroad access it made it easier, cheaper and more reliable for S&D Application to ship in majority of their fertilizers.

In the late 1990s, S&D Application LLC continued their success and started moving it’s way east within the Wayne location. In 1997, S&D Application was able to purchase land outside of Bettsville for it’s third location to open. Bettsville location, with an actual Tiffin address is location just about 20 miles east of it’s main location. This opportunity for S&D Application LLC made it possible to expand further east and to better service the Sandusky, Seneca & Wyandot counties.

S&D Application LLC maintained those 3 locations for multiple years before expanding again in 2014 just south of Bellevue, Ohio, for their fourth location. Moving further east and establishing the Bellevue location has given S&D Application the opportunity to better service Sandusky & Seneca counties along with expanding into Erie, Huron & Lorain counties.